Lone Mountain Ranch


Lone Mountain Ranch was first homesteaded as a cattle ranch in 1915.
Since then, generations of owners, guests and crew have been inspired by the love of this land to create the exceptional experience the Ranch is today. Everything we do is guided by the principles of those who came before us, to add to the natural wealth we have inherited and to share with new generations what makes it so special.

We exist in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and are able to continue offering soul stretching experiences to our guests and crew because of everything this ecosystem provides. A dedication to preserving this place and sharing it with others is a commitment that not only binds all of us here, but leads us to get involved with a variety of philanthropic organizations with similar missions. We support a variety of organizations; some whose mission it is to sustain the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, it’s waters, wildlife and land, some who are committed to exposing kids to the outdoors and others that promote and conserve open space for recreation. We also have a big soft spot for organizations in our backyard.

Lone Mountain Ranch, Montana Guest Ranch, PO Box 160069 750 Lone Mountain Ranch Road Big Sky, MT 59716